Ives Mozart de Lima Web Developer Programmer Software Engineer Responsive Design ASP NET C# Angular Javascript Melbourne Australia

About Ives

  • 1980 - Born in Brazil

  • 1990 - Kraftwerk

  • 1996 - First computer

    What a beast! Compaq 486 with Windows 3.1.

  • 1999 - Second computer. Started modding games.

  • 2000 - Started Uni

    Computer Science

  • 2001 - Left Uni - Started tech courses

    I was really looking forward to learn hands-on programming, but the university didn't provided it so I decided to start the equivalent of TAFE in Australia. SQL Server, Windows NT, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Visual Basic 6 and so on.

  • 2002 - More tech courses. Started a company: ICWebsites

    ICWebsites was my first company. Carlos Nakane and I decided it was good idea to develop websites for small companies. It didn't last long, but we've learnt a lot.

  • 2003 - Comic Store

    I was lucky enough to be responsible for all their websites including the largest RPG community forum in Brazil and their ecommerce website.

  • Solid effort releasing a complete set of modifications for the game Midnight Club 2. Not only I had heaps of fun playing the game, but I've learnt lots of different skills like 3D moddeling, photoshop, english, managing several contributors around the world, Wordpress and Phpbb. I find awesome that there are still people playing this mod.

  • 2006 - Visited Canada for 3 months.

    Wow so chunky! It doesn't matter, got confident to speak english.

  • 2007 - Moved to Australia, Adelaide

    Immigration process took about 1 year and half in total

  • 2008 - CBR600RR - Trackdays

  • 2011 - Sydney, Professional Career and lots of fun working for Tigerspike

  • 2012 - 6 months in Europe

  • 2013 - Tough Mudder. Irdeto, Amsterdam and Singapore. Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco

  • 2014 - Finally went to a F1 Gran Prix

  • 2015 - Left Tigerspike, started working for Blue Chilli and then left after 9 months to become a contractor. Started an epic beard.

  • 2016 - Worked for Velvet Onion and then moved to Melbourne